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French skincare

French skincare products have grown in popularity in recent years. With a flair for effortless chic, the French approach to skincare is focused on providing a glowing complexion using gentle and effective products. Absolution Cosmetics embodies this with their penchant for organic skincare that delivers on results


Established in 2009, Absolution Cosmetics combines beautiful French style with organic ingredients for a customisable skincare range. Created by Isabelle Carron in her hometown of Paris, she wanted to create a skincare line that suited all ages and skin types using some fabulous organic ingredients. With a range of serums and creams, you can mix-and match your products to create a personalised routine


Most organic certification bodies require that at least 10% of the ingredients within a product is organic. However, Absolution takes it to another level with most of their products containing about 50% of organic ingredients. Absolution is also committed towards using environmental friendly packaging. Using recycled packaging and plant inks, the monochrome artistic designs on their packaging is another thing that makes the brand stand out. Not only that, the brand works with local French growers to source their ingredients and products are made in the South of France. All in all, this is definitely one French skincare brand to know about. Read on below for our top picks of this brand



Micellar water

Le Soir et Matin cleansing toner

Absolution’s L’eau Soir et Matin acts as a micellar water, toner and makeup remover. A staple in any French skincare, micellar water is popular in Paris due to the hard water and its harsh effects on skin. It may feel like you’re wiping your face with plain old water, but it actually combines toning ingredients with small particles of oil molecules which attach to dirt, makeup and grime and effectively removes it. And because it only adheres to the bad stuff, it is super gentle on skin. 

This is a favourite – not only is a great at doing all 3 functions (hello glowing skin!), it comes with an ingenious dispenser and is certified organic by Ecocert too.




Eye Contour Cream

Le Soin Regard: eye contour cream

A bestseller for the brand, this anti-aging eye contour cream works like a treat! It combats the signs of ageing by firming, regenerating, smoothing and brightening the area around eyes. Its ability to tighten skin and minimise the appearance of dark circles can be attributed to 3 key ingredients: caffeine, green tea extract and mica. One pump draws out enough product to use on both eyes, also helped by its lightweight texture. One to try.





body firming serum

Serums for face and body

No French skincare routine is complete without a serum. La Solution + Eclat (radiant booster serum) is a serum targeted at restoring dull skin and giving you a glowing complexion, making this a favourite amongst makeup artists. Use it as a makeup base or mix it with your day cream, either way we love the versatility of this product. 

With increasing products aimed at providing the body with the same benefits as facial products, Absolution’s La Solution + Fermete body firming serum fits well within this category. This firming serum fights against stretch marks and sagging skin by restructuring, toning and firming skin. A combination of bamboo stem and cowberry improve skin elasticity and tones body. As it penetrates easily, there is no need to massage this in. Simply apply it on its own or combine it with your moisturiser.




Night Cream

Le Creme du Soir: Night Cream

France is famous for its love of lotions and creams. Wake up to rested and radiant skin with this anti-aging night cream. It combines ingredients that maintains moisture levels and plumps, such as hyaluronic acid, argan oil and Officinal Marshmallow. Like all other Absolution products, you can use it on its own or combined to form a customised solution. 

Used Absolution Cosmetics before? Share your experience with us! Or check out another French skincare brand - Melvita


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