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 Founder of Shirley Conlon Organics

Ever since we first tried the Rosehip Oil from Shirley Conlon Organics, we knew right away this was a brand that meant business. This Dubai based brand was the brainchild of Shirley Conlon, who wanted to create a natural skincare range suited to our climate without compromising on effectiveness. 

We caught up with the her to find out more about her and the gorgeous brand she created. 


What is the story behind Shirley Conlon Organics?

Shirley Conlon Organics was developed for people like me, who were adjusting their skin to a hot and humid desert climate. I wanted to create simplistic products with pure and effective botanical ingredients that were sun-safe, light wearing and easily absorbed, to nourture and benefit sun exposed skin 


Many ingredients are too heavy for Dubai' s climate, which can block or enlargen pores; playing havoc on the skin. It can sensitise skin to sunlight causing pigmentation and premature ageing through oxidation. So it's very important to use the correct ingredients in this environment.  


Shirley Conlon Organics 

A key part of Shirley Conlon Organics is to create skincare suitable for this climate and to protect skin against skin damage. Why is this important and what is the formulation process like?

Formulating for this climate is very different to formulating normal products. We consider every single ingredient and its benefit and compatibility for this environment.  We choose safe ingredients that have a low molecular weight and therefore easily absorbed. These ingredients will not cause skin issues on the surface of the skin but deliver the benefits deep into the epidermis.  


Our ingredients have some natural SPF properties to compliment any SPF routine. Our plant botanicals are rich in carotenoids and we use potent antioxidants at high levels to mop up free radicals caused by UV rays.  We do not use any sun sensitive (phototoxic)  ingredients like citrus oils, vitamins, L ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and others that could potentially cause skin sensitivity.  


When did you start using natural beauty products and why?

I started using natural products in my 20's when I worked for a natural cosmetics company. It was much later after delivering my baby that I began using organic products only. I guess I wanted the best for my baby and that domino affected into my life. 


Shirley Conlon Organics formulation


Any exciting news to share on new products or projects you are currently working on?

Yes! We are developing an eye cream with hyaluronic acid, Q10 and a Peruvian herb to relax facial muscles and reduce fine lines. It's currently being tested on willing humans and undergoing safety and performance testing in UK. We are also developing a facial exfoliating cream with jojoba and bamboo which is divine - both will be available soon. 


You recently came up with the Detox Mask. Tell us more about it 

The detox mask is fantastic to rid the skin of impurities. It is a clay based mask that needs to be mixed with a little water to form a paste and can be applied to face and body for an instant lifting affect. Rich in salicylic acid, it helps to remove the dead layer of surface skin and give a bright and clear complexion. 


Shirley Conlon Organics


What are your tips on using Shirley Conlon products

Shirley Conlon Organic product's are made to compliment each other and are more effective when used together.  No two skins are alike! Our skin is constantly changing on a daily basis depending on our moods, hormones, stress, environment and lifestyle.


We are not all clones of normal/combination and dry skin. Our skin is changing daily and therefore we need to adapt our skincare routine to compliment these changes. Here are a couple of things I would suggest:

  • When you feel your skin a little dry - mix two drops of hydrating serum with a little fountain of youth and apply.
  • If you feel your skin normal/combination - mix two drops of rosehip oil with a little fountain of youth.
  • If your skin is breaking out - apply rosehip oil at night and use fountain of youth only during the day. 

If you've been in the sun, spritz some aloe and rose hydrating mist over face and then massage a few drops of rosehip oil using circular movements.  


Shirley Conlon Organics - Body Polish and Rosehip Oil


Your go-to beauty tips :                                            Blow dry, a smile and a positive attitude

Advice you would give your younger self:      Don't use face wipes. Cleanse, tone and to also exfoliate!

One beauty advice:                                                     Be yourself and you will always be beautiful

One beauty product you can't live without:  It will have to be the Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil


Our top 3 favourite Shirley Conlon Organic pick


1. Body Polish - Made with Himalayan salt, rose petals and lavender, this luxurious salt scrub polishes skin but we love the soothing scent. Makes bath time extra special!

2. Cleansing Milk - free of alcohol and detergents, this gentle cleanser removes impurities and brightens skin

3. Rosehip Oil - We too are big fans of this oil! Made with Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn and Carrot, this oil brightens skin and improves the appearance of fine lines


















  • Posted On May 08, 2017 by Green Chic

    Hi Emma, we agree – a really amazing line and is gentle on sensitive skin whilst getting on with the job. Glad you like the range!

  • Posted On May 04, 2017 by Emma Golzari

    Amazing line! Completely transformed my skin, every Shirley Conlon Organics product I have used so far has been calming for my sensitive skin and a joy to use. Beautiful scents too.

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