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 Article by lifestyle and wellbeing blogger, Magda. Find out more about her and her blog here:- BoboDXB


I believe the way you start your morning conditions your mood for the day ahead of you. I believe morning are a great moment to take care of yourself and start by giving your body the best things it might need. I make sure every morning to wake up at least 2 hours before leaving the house and my morning ritual includes 3 drinks which I believe provides me with all the nutrients I need to start my day the best way I can. For the details and recipes, read below :)

Morning Magic Potions by Magda BoboDXB

Magic Potion No. 1: Coco-Lemon and Chia Water

This is the first thing I drink immediately after waking up in order to hydrate and purify my body : a very simple mix of Coconut water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and chia water. I prepare the mix of coconut water and chia seeds the night before, before going to bed so the chia seeds have time to soak and expand and just add the squeezed lemon in the morning before drinking up.


Why is it good for your body ?


Coconut Water : after 8 hours of sleep, the first thing your body needs in the morning is hydration. Water could do the job but coconut water, on top of having similar hydrating properties as water, contains a lot of potassium, a mineral needed to maintain steady blood pressure, cardiovascular health and bone and muscle maintenance. I would also add coconut water tastes amazing and refreshing. Ideally, you should consume it fresh from the coconut but if like me, you do not live yet on a dreamy beach in Sri Lanka, the packed one will do the job.


Lemon juice : it is simply loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. 


Chia Seeds : Originally from Mexico, Chia means "strength" in the Mayan language. These little seeds are incredibly high in proteins, antioxidants, fibers and omega-3. Adding them to your diet will basically make you a better person.


To sum-up, this magic potion will benefit your entire body, your kidneys, your cardiovascular system and indeed your skin. Glowing face, here you go!


Coco-Lemon and Chia Water by Magda BoboDXB

Recipe :


1. The night before, add 1 tsp of chia seeds to a glass of coconut water. Stir and place in the fridge.
2. In the morning, squeeze half a lemon over the glass and stir before drinking up.



Magic Potion 2 : Spirulina & ACV shot

For long time, I was not friends with Spirulina. As much as I knew it was good for me, the jelly consistency and the sea mud taste were a pure repeller, until I read somewhere that apple juice kinda neutralised the taste. Quite doubtful, I gave it a try anyway and... it works!! It is still not my cup of tea but as a shot, I swear I can bear it. I add to it some apple cider vinegar, 1 shot of goodness (not yumminess tho lol) for my tummy!


Why is it good for your body ?


Spirulina : I have read a lot that seaweeds are the future of nourishment. Well future is already there with Spirulina, the superfood considered as the most nutrient dense aliment on the planet. Loaded with protein, antioxidants, essential amino-acids, iron and calcium (thus it is highly recommended as a complement of vegetarian or vegan diets), Spirulina is a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and may even help balance blood sugar. It is also recommended for pregnant women, as a fertility booster or to increase fat loss. Literally, Spirulina is THE superfood you must add to your diet.


ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar : consider as another super strong antioxidant. Apple Cider vinegar can help you loose weight as it makes you feel fuller. Otherwise, it contributes to lower blood sugar level, fight diabetes and bad cholesterol.


Spiruline and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Shot

Recipe :

1. Mix 1/8 tsp Spirulina and 1 tsp Apple cider vinegar in a small glass of apple juice (home-made with an extractor or Organic and without added sugar if purchased) and drink up. I personally use a milk foamer to mix as I find spirulina difficult to combine.


Magic Potion 3 : Maca Cappuccino

A morning without coffee is not a morning! Caffeine benefits has already been proven but you can make this "most beautiful moment of the day" (yes I am addicted) even more beneficial by adding some Maca to your coffee. I actually prefer the cappuccino version as I do not like anything on my black coffee (I am a purist) but fall for the nutty flavour maca adds to the almond milk foam on my cappuccino. I usually drink my coffee later on, just before I leave the house.


Why is it good for your body ?


Coffee : coffee is part of my morning ritual and just the smell of it is beneficial to my mood. Only for this reason I consider it extremely healthy but on top, caffeine is proven to help boost your energy, makes your more alert and focus and could even help you get skinnier by supporting fat burning.


Almond milk : high is protein and nutrients, it is the perfect non-dairy alternative to cow milk.


Maca : is a plant originally from Peru. The root only is consumed once dried in powder form. Mostly famous as an energy and mood booster.


Maca Cappuccino

Recipe :

1. Warm 1 cup of almond milk with 1/4 tsp Maca powder (I personally use my super Nespresso Machine Aeroccino I am totally in love with but a pan and a milk foamer can do, even though I find very difficult to obtain a proper cappuccino style foam this way). 
2. Transfer in a cup and add 1 espresso lungo. Here you go !


Have a good day !


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