Detox Face Mask

Dhs. 110.00

Green clay has a high content of minerals and is very absorbent, drawing toxins and impurities from your skin. This makes it particularly ideal for oily and combination skin or clogged skin prone to spots and blackheads. This clay from Shirley Conlon Organics blends 100% raw green clay with herbs to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate blood circulation. The powder form of the clay acts as a natural gentle exfoliator to smoothen skin and refine the texture of the skin.  Combined with mint to minimise pores, reduce pigmentation and eliminate blackheads.

Content: 100g

Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for oily or combination skin

Apply after cleansing and exfoliating. Slowly add warm water to 2 teaspoon of the clay powder to make a paste and massage all over the face and neck. Leave for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off with water and a muslin cloth. Best when used with a rose toner after to remove any excess. 

100% pure raw Green Clay, Apple, Lavender

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